PlanSwift UK is the easy way of producing construction takeoff and estimates faster and with great accuracy. Just point and click !

Planswift makes construction estimating at least 10 times faster than conventional methods by allowing you to use digital drawings even when they are out of scale when you receive them.

Save money on printing and paper costs.

Calculates areas, linear measurements and item numbers and marks up
the drawings for ease of reference.

What does it cost?

For a one-off payment you receive a Licence for the Planswift software which is yours to keep.

We also recommend that you "Future Proof" your copy by taking out the 12 month Maintenance Plan which guarantees all future versions and updates.

Speak to us about discounts for multiple Licence purchases.


Construction has a long standing and well deserved reputation for innovation and Planswift is another excellent example of this. The software was first developed over 8 years ago and has been continuously improved to meet the growing demands of its users. The user friendly nature helps to get you started quickly and soon becomes an important factor in your business.

Estimating is an essential part of construction but not all tenders lead to a contract so it is important to streamline it so that your tenders are delivered on time at the lowest cost.

Thousands of construction companies now use Planswift to help them produce their estimates faster than before by providing the ability to take off quantities directly from their computer screens.

Digital Construction News

Traditional construction methods involve many elements that are fiddly and time consuming. Automating processes such as measuring and estimating can save a lot of time and cut out human error. Paul Clayton, Managing Director at Planswift UK, explains…

Estimating has traditionally relied on the need to print out construction drawings and then use scale rulers to obtain measurements, but now it is possible to do all this on screen using any type of drawing format.

This is at least 10 times faster and creates a very accurate measure while the drawing is coloured in to clearly show what has been measured. Measures include areas, linears, roof pitch, and item counts all results being easily exported into a spreadsheet.

Areas can be calculated even if they include arcs and curves with a single click.

Users range from billion £ turnover contractors to individual house builders and specialist trades and professionals including flooring, roofing, office fit out, property consultants, dry wall contractors, indeed any aspect of construction.

The drawings can have notes added, photographs from site and comparative overlays show any differences between floors on high rise buildings.

We also offer BuilderTREND which is a cloud based piece of ‘software as a service’ that allows an unlimited number of participants across the entire building cycle to view individual projects.

This starts with estimating, sales leads and quotes through to supply chain partners and the end customer. A project plan which can be changed live and any affected parties being emailed with the information, daily site weather reports, personnel locators, payments to and from, variation orders signed for on site to minimise delay and provide an audit trail.

The whole thing has been optimised for use on a smart phone or tablet meaning that you can carry your office in your pocket.

The end client has a customised log-in page and a feedback report enables customer surveys and endorsements to be easily gathered.

Each customer has their own individually assigned coach that helps them with the on-boarding and set up process with unlimited training being provided at any time.

End user experience, what professionals say about Planswift Software:

Stewart Robertshaw owns an independent QS primarily working on pre-contract work, preparing cost plans and estimates for construction works from inception / feasibility through to detail design.

This is Stewart’s experience of using Planswift software:

“As an employee of a large UK Surveying company and now as an independent quantity surveying company I have used both Planswift (American) and Planswift ProMetric (English) version for over seven years.

“When setting out our criteria for what we needed a measurement system to do, it became apparent very quickly that in fact most of our ‘bespoke’ and early cost advice projects were being sent to us by email in PDF format, which we then printed out, at anything from A4 to A1 so we could set about measuring from using a scale rule and paper. Then came the “light bulb” moment and we realised time that could be saved by taking the leap from paper to on-screen taking off systems.

“We researched a number of systems and settled on Planswift, which is free to download and trial, to purchase a fully licensed copy was relatively cheap, (and still is), easy to learn and simple to use, it provided evidence of what had and had not been measured, was remarkably accurate, and exported dimensions into Excel for further manipulation.

“Over the years we have recommended the product to a number of surveyors, even the sceptics have been converted from paper and scale rule / digitiser to onscreen taking off, some within hours of downloading the trial software. To paraphrase a well-known paint company, Planswift does exactly what it says on the can – measures plans swiftly!

Planswift is essential for us in that:

  • It is ideal for taking off plans, it shows what has and has not been measured
  • The coloured coded drawing can be used as evidence when audited
  • It measures areas, complex shapes, including curves with ease
  • You can measure area, length, number at the click of an icon
  • Dry wall/plastering
  • It measures accurately, at any scale both standard and non – standard
  • It works in metric or imperial measure
  • It saves time, not only in the initial measure, but also when being checked,
  • It allows notes and dimensions to be added for reference or explanation,
  • It recalculates all measured items if the drawing is rescaled

“The support service in UK and when necessary the USA Head Office Team is customer focused, the response is prompt, efficient and any issue is sorted and dealt with, you do not get passed around until you find you’re talking to the right person (in a recent issue with a corrupt license file, the USA customer service team rang me direct to clarify some points, and then sorted the problem – I was back up and running the same day).”

The Answer

Compared with printing and then measuring Planswift is at least 10x faster.

Drawings of all known formats are simply imported into Planswift where you can add job specific details and then you can set the scale and get started.

You can measure areas, linears and item counts and each measured item is identified by a chosen colour so that you can easily see what has been measured (and what has not) with the results summarised for you. These can then be exported to a spreadsheet of your choice where you can factor in material, labour and wastage to complete the process. For items that you use on a regular basis you can create your own cost database which is then dragged and dropped onto the measured area for a fully itemised list of costs.

Our in-house training is available to help you with this and we can also create your database for you if this helps.

All Trades

Planswift is suitable for companies that handle all elements of a project from groundworks to fit out or for any of the multiple specialist sub-contractors who work in construction.

Our list of exisiting customers includes :

  • Ground works/landscaping
  • Brickwork
  • Timber frames
  • Roofing
  • Dry wall/plastering
  • Painting and decorating
  • Floor screeding
  • Quantity Surveying services
  • House builders
  • Exterior cladding
  • Electrical

In fact the list goes on to cover any and every aspect.

Try before you Buy

Take our FREE 14 day trial of the full version of Planswift to see for yourself and if you agree that it will save you a massive amount of time we simply convert your trial into your permanent licence.


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Additional Resources

Planswift have their own Youtube channel with over 200 explanatory videos which you can refer to 24x7 which cover a wide range of topics for those times when you wonder how to achieve a certain outcome.

Any questions?

Use our phone and email contact information to ask us any questions that you might have, we always prefer to speak with our clients as it gives us a better understanding of what is important to you.

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