Corona virus – how we can help
Many businesses are now having to consider how to manage through the pandemic and in particular the need for employees to self isolate at home.

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Save Time

At least 10 times faster than print and measure

Reduce Cost

Complete more estimates for the same amount of time


Printing costs of paper and ink catridges

Those companies who find it necessary to have people working from home can do so with Planswift by following these simple steps.

You can have as many people as you want as users but access is governed by the number of licences you have. For example you could have a licence with 2 seats on it and 6 enabled users but only 2 at any time can use it.

To help with that we have wrote a quick step by step guide to enable users to transfer licenses to other users and machines.

Takeoff and Estimating Construction Software by PlanswiftUK

A successful project starts with an accurate estimate of the costs involved and being able to speed up the process helps to reduce the cost per estimate as you generate more bids. More bids lead to more business.

Planswift UK Ltd are now in their eighth year of helping construction related businesses to achieve faster, precise construction estimating and without the need to print plans. Our easy to use construction estimating software has helped to transform the costing of projects and is available for you to see for yourself with a FREE 14 day trial of the full version of the software.

Save Time and Money on your Construction Takeoff

Join the thousands that already use Planswift to reduce  the time take on their takeoff and estimates. 

Planswift is used by contractors in the following areas:

House Builders

Measure everything from foundations up to and Including the roof in minutes and watch as Planswift adds the colour of your choice to the measured area/linear or items.

Design and Build

Planswift makes it easier than ever to measure your drawings with precision and accurate measurements.

Flooring / Screeding

Printing and using a scale ruler on a job like this can time consuming yet with Planswift and a good set of drawings (CAD) you can do this in less than one second.


Measure linear runs for drainage channels and pipe, cubic measures for concrete foundations and Cut and Fill, items for manholes, silt boxes.

Concrete frame

Planswift makes easy work of concrete frames and uses a facility that overlaps floors to identify any changes compared with the previous floor.

Steel frame - fire protection

Planswift is now widely used by the suppliers of intumescent coatings to calculate the quantities of material required for the fireproofing of structural steelwork.

Timber frame

Planswift started out in the timber business and is designed to help with timber frame estimation.


Drywall construction companies find using Planswift really helps to speed up the estimation of projects compared to 'print and measure'.


Planswift easily calculates areas and linear measurements needed for roofing estimates.

What does the #1 Takeoff and Estimating Software cost?

For a one-off payment you receive a Licence for the Planswift software which is yours to keep.

We also recommend that you “Future Proof” your copy by taking out the 12 month Maintenance Plan which guarantees all future versions and updates.

Speak to us about discounts for multiple Licence purchases.

Contractors and Specialist Subcontractors

We are pleased to report that we have a sizeable list of customers from these categories and that they cover every aspect of construction between them. 

They include companies of all sizes and locations in the UK from smaller regional businesses to £multi-million PLCs.

The common factor for all of them is the need to streamline their own aspect of construction estimating and we are also seeing that the bigger users are encouraging their sub-contractors to use the Planswift software so that they have a common approach.

Construction estimating software continues to develop and improve and this is where Planswift listens to our customers when it comes to suggestions for inclusion.

As any piece of software gains acceptability and growth it is natural for other companies to design plugins to cover certain specific situations.

A great example of this is CostCentral which provides a live link between Planswift and customer bespoke cost databases. By using Planswift to capture the quantities and then applying real life costs the estimate becomes further enhanced and accurate. 

CostCentral enables user specific cost libraries that contain all their costs for fully finished items for example with reinforced concrete beams it will include access, formwork, different concrete mixes, reinforcing steel all itemised under one heading.

Software Reliability and Security

It is important to have software that has been carefully built to provide reliability and security as there is nothing worse than losing a big estimate which is close to completion because the programme crashes. This aspect was thoroughly investigated by us before we used it for the first time and most recently by a multi-national company who had to be certain that it was based on solid architecture.

End user experience, what professionals say about Planswift Software

“It is fun working with PlanSwift, a very versatile estimating software that saves manpower and the environment by making us go completely paperless. Jotun’s estimation team is incomplete without this excellent tool, it allows us to efficiently handle projects and effectively communicate with the team internally and externally with our customers."

"PlanSwift seamlessly integrates with our inhouse estimation software and allows us to provide professional and impressive service to our clients.”
Fire Engineering Services - Global

Save Time and Money on your Construction Estimating

Costcentral combines the strength of Planswift and the formulas of Excel to bring you accurate estimating

Companies that use Planswift

Any questions?

Use our phone and email contact information to ask us any questions that you might have, we always prefer to speak with our clients as it gives us a better understanding of what is important to you.

Download our FREE 14 day trial now and see for yourself how Planswift can make a positive contribution to your business.