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How to use Planswift on Apple based products

Planswift doesn’t work natively on Apple products, however utilising software called Parallels it is possible to run Planswift on a Mac. Parallels will run a virtual Windows operating system on your Mac that can then have Planswift installed and running properly.

Moving Data files to another PC

To move PlanSwift data files to a different computer, start by uninstalling PlanSwift. Uninstalling PlanSwift does not remove the PlanSwift directory, and it also does not delete your data, templates, and other files. An example of the files and directories remaining in the PlanSwift directory after an uninstall is shown in the figure below.  View the […]

Removing and Reactivating Planswift

From within the Software License Options section you can remove or activate your PlanSwift software license. To uninstall Planswift please read the following tutorial. For further information regarding activing your license please read the full tutorial here.

How to set the scale for your drawings

A plan image must be scaled before any digitizing can be done. If a plan image needs rotating or leveling, this needs to be done before the image is scaled.  View the full tutorial here.

Creating your own cost data base

From within the Templates tab, you can create assemblies for use in estimating and takeoff before you need them, and you can export or import them into jobs. Assemblies allow you to pre-build all of the materials and tools you will need for a specific item, such as concrete slabs. View the full tutorial here.

How to view plans in 3D

PlanSwift has created a plugin called PlanSwift 3D Viewer that is used for viewing 3D area, 3D linear, 3D segment, and 3D count items in three dimensions. To be viewed in 3D, takeoffs must be performed using the PlanSwift 3D Viewer takeoff tools. The PlanSwift 3D Viewer Plugin User Guide is available to guide you […]


The New Overlay tool allows you to place, or overlay, a separate page from your plans onto the page that you are currently viewing. View the full tutorial here.

Network Storage

Helpful for colleagues who need to access other colleagues files and as a backup View the full tutorial here

How to Backup files A MUST DO

Having a backup for any program is essential for keeping your information safe and secure. This is no different in PlanSwift. There are two main ways to backup your work on PlanSwift. One using data storage and the other using folders inside of PlanSwift. Read the full tutorial to ensure your backups are in place […]

Navigating Planswift Pages

The Navigation Buttons allow you to move backward and forward in the Pages you are working on. Back will move you to the page previous to the current page. Forward will move you to the next page. For more information on navigation Planswift Pages click here

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