Corona virus – We can help!


If you are an Estimator/QS is it possible to work from home without a printer?

Short answer: YES

What about the cost?

FREE to use for 14 days

The challenges to the Construction Industry have never been bigger or faster acting than they are now. Planswift has helped large and small businesses with their estimating measurements for 8+ years but today the fact that it is paperless means that those people who have previously worked in offices now have to see if it is possible to  work from home. It is.

Below we show how Planswift can help new and existing Users to achieve this.


Our FREE 14 day Trial is long enough to cover your self isolation period.

FREE? yes, there is  no cost for the trial and it lasts for 14 days which should be enough to see you over the isolation requirement and it will help with your immediate needs.

Very accurate. Much faster than Print-and-Measure -at least 10 times faster than print and measure and very accurate.

There is no limit to the number of your staff who can have a Trial.

Store the information on a central server for colleagues who might need to access the information.

Save on print costs. Easy to use and plenty of training videos, articles and humans on the end of a phone line or video conferencing.

Why not take a FREE 14 day Trial today?


If you intend to use the same PC/Laptop there should not be any problem getting Planswift up and running.

It is always worth knowing your Customer/Activation number which begins with a capital Cxxxxxx and PIN. These can be found in your email system when you first downloaded a trial.

You should always back up your data to either a company server by creating an additional file path so that it is done automatically:

Need to transfer your Planswift Licence to another PC or latop?

Or, by transferring onto a stand alone hard drive.

If you intend to use an alternative PC/laptop then follow these instructions

If you get stuck at any part of the process just get in touch!

Comments from Users who we helped to work remotely

That's brilliant. Thanks for your concise help.
Dryplast Ltd
Thank you soooo much for your help Paul – much appreciated. I also think we will be a nation of alcoholics that have OCD for hand washing once we come through this……………….but hey, what a party we’ll all have 😊 Take care and stay safe – see you on the other side
Ashwell Construction Ltd
Thanks for the speedy response Paul, much appreciated.
Taylor Lane Timber Frame Ltd

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