Want to know how to use Planswift Construction Estimating Software

PlanSwift Professional is an easy-to-use software platform due to its user-friendly interface and features.

The instructions in the downloadable user guide will guide new users through the basics of starting a job, managing pages, performing takeoffs, creating annotations and overlays, using specialty takeoff items, using shortcuts and hotkeys, and integrating with Excel.

We highly recommend purchasing a training package for accelerated learning and faster customization.

Key Features and Benefits of Planswift Construction Estimating Software

  • Compatible with every known drawing format including pdfs and most onine plan rooms.
  • Measures even the most complicated items.
  • Allows colour coding of drawings to show progress and for subsequent use on site.
  • Rescales drawings in seconds.
  • Export information into a spreadsheet to add owner specific information such as labour rates.
  • Zoom in to view details.
  • E-mail information to clients, suppliers and colleagues.
  • Revisions made easily and auditable.
  • Slash paper and cartridge bills.
  • Own the software outright.
  • Risk free, no cost 14 day trial allows you to try before you buy.
  • Creates a whole new platform for the Construction Industry promoting collaboration
    throughout the Supply Chain.