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Traditional construction methods involve many elements that are fiddly and time consuming. Automating processes such as measuring and estimating can save a lot of time and cut out human error. Paul Clayton, Managing Director at Planswift UK, explains…

Estimating has traditionally relied on the need to print out construction drawings and then use scale rulers to obtain measurements, but now it is possible to do all this on screen using any type of drawing format.

This is at least 10 times faster and creates a very accurate measure while the drawing is coloured in to clearly show what has been measured. Measures include areas, linears, roof pitch, and item counts all results being easily exported into a spreadsheet.

Areas can be calculated even if they include arcs and curves with a single click.

Users range from billion £ turnover contractors to individual house builders and specialist trades and professionals including flooring, roofing, office fit out, property consultants, dry wall contractors, indeed any aspect of construction.

The drawings can have notes added, photographs from site and comparative overlays show any differences between floors on high rise buildings.

We also offer BuilderTREND which is a cloud based piece of ‘software as a service’ that allows an unlimited number of participants across the entire building cycle to view individual projects.

This starts with estimating, sales leads and quotes through to supply chain partners and the end customer. A project plan which can be changed live and any affected parties being emailed with the information, daily site weather reports, personnel locators, payments to and from, variation orders signed for on site to minimise delay and provide an audit trail.

The whole thing has been optimised for use on a smart phone or tablet meaning that you can carry your office in your pocket.

The end client has a customised log-in page and a feedback report enables customer surveys and endorsements to be easily gathered.

Each customer has their own individually assigned coach that helps them with the on-boarding and set up process with unlimited training being provided at any time.


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