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The Covid pandemic has changed many things over a short space of time and for our business we saw a massive move to working from home which we suspect will become a permanent or semi-permanent arrangement going forward.

Despite all the fears associated with getting the economy back to ‘normal’ it has been heartening to see so many companies who are new to Planswift taking free trials as they look at ways of improving their efficiency.

Planswift as a Subscription – An alternative way to access the software.

On the back of this trend we have also seen a significant rise in the requests to offer a subscription based service rather than an outright purchase and after due consideration we have concluded that if that is what the market for our product needs then we must willingly support it.

As of NOW you can have full use of the Planswift software without any form of contractual commitment. The amount you pay depends on whether you pay month by month or 12 months, in advance.

We also include access to the latest version in our pricing so there is nothing else to pay. If this is what you are looking for then simply get in touch with us and we can explain the options and how we go about it.

With one small payment you could be using Planswift today and enjoying the benefits of faster, accurate take offs without the need for printing.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Clayton
Managing Director
Planswift Uk Ltd


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    • origamifox

      Hi James.
      Thank you for asking this question. At present Planswift doesn’t work directly on Mac due to its use of software libraries only available in Windows.
      However by using Parallels or other similar software to create a virtual Windows machine on your Mac it is 100% possible to use Planswift in this way.
      We have many users who do this and we are also partners with Parallel so if you’d like to find out more please get in touch.


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